Tantalizing Tortilla Soup!

One of D’s absolute best dishes is the tortilla soup she makes a version of this recipe:


It is mouth-wateringly good! The pasilla chilies give the tortilla soup such a distinctive and wonderful flavor, not to spicy but a rich taste. Then the sour cream, cheese, carmelized onions, and lime give the soup so many wonderful layers!

Here are the changes she makes to the recipe:

We prefer her deep-fried soft corn tortillas to tortilla chips. Cut the corn tortillas into strips and deep fry them. One way to make the crunch last is to dump a portion of them in just before eating, then add more later, as you work through the soup, keeping the crunch. If you love crunch like I do, the extra work is worth it!

After carmelizing the onions, D doesn’t blend them. I like how it provides a big carmelized onion bite in certain spoonfuls of the soup. A sweet surprise!

The first picture below shows the ingredients before adding. The second shows them after adding the ingredients. Just looking at the picture makes me hungry for the soup again!

This recipe hits on all points for me. Layers of flavors, bright lime, creamy sour cream, guey cheese, sweet carmelized onions, on top of the pasilla chilies base – with luscious avocado and crunchy deep-fried corn tortillas to top it all off. Amazing dish! Hope you enjoy!

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