Poppin’ Pesto Pasta with Meat Balls!

The creaminess and pesto flavor made this recipe one of our very favorites we’ve tried recently:


We found ourselves making lots of yummy sounds as we ate this dish and when we finished we were already planning on the next time we would have it! So good! The sauce is rich and tasty with the cream and pesto packing a punch together. D added plenty of torn basil at the end for extra basil flavor. She used rotini pasta in place of fussili pasta and the pasta was just as good.

Consider using Thai basil in place of regular basil to switch up the flavor.

If you want some heat, change the sausage to medium or even hot sausage.

Finally, you can add more parmesian than the recipe calls for, depending on your taste for it.

If you want a creamy, flavorful, easy-to-make dish, try this pesto pasta with meatballs. It’s truly a wonderful dish! Enjoy!

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