Lip-smacking Larb!

We tried this cold, flavorful, colorful recipe for larb pork wrapped in lettuce leaves and really enjoyed it:

It is a visually pretty dish with enough heat (chili heat), brightness (lime) and crunch (lettuce) to make each mouthful a pleasure. Prep time is on the low side and the ingredients are easy to find (for us). Make sure not to overdue the herbs if they have any bitterness. It is a light meal and low cal. You can make with chicken but D prefers pork.

D didn’t use rice powder called for in the recipe but did use the recommended amount of lime – and it was a bit much. If D makes it again (a distinct possibility!), she’ll use less lime next time. As with all dishes with chili peppers, you can dial in the amount of heat you want by the number of peppers and whether you include seeds or not.

Enjoy your Larb!

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