First post!

After J lost much of his taste, especially for aromatics, D began to explore recipes to find food J can taste and that D likes. It’s been quite a journey, and it’s still ongoing. After months of trying, we’ve started to see a trend, but we’re still searching. Cooking to make big flavors is complicated. This blog is our attempt to try to keep track of what we’re finding out, and we thought, ‘Hey, maybe others might find it useful.” What to call such a blog? How about Great Big Flavors!

Some thoughts about loss of taste. J can taste four of the five primary flavors very well: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. J can taste umami a bit. Aromatics are much harder to smell and taste. But it turns out there are other recipe sensations that are as important to enjoyment for J: texture and color. The look of the food goes to proper preparation and plating.

The main food textures for J are hard, soft, liquid, solid, creamy, crumbly, crispy, etc. There’s a detailed discussion of food textures here. Bottom line – the right textures can make or break a recipe for us.

Of course, in general, how much any of us like a food is very subjective. So this is our journey it trying to find foods with big flavors that we like – and hopefully you will too!

Here we go!

D & J

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