Beautiful Bulgogi Pork!

D made this dish using the following recipe:

except she used Seoul Bulgogi Sauce instead of making the Bulgogi sauce.

It was tasty for both of us. Sweet is of course easily detected by people like me who have lost much of their aromatic sensing ability, so anything sweet is tasty. But it also has great texture with the carrots, cucumber and scallions and the pickled cucumber can be a strong flavor, depending on how much they are pickled. I can’t taste the sesame seeds unless they are heavy in the recipe so you may need to up the amount of sesame seeds also. Similarly, those of you like me who need stronger flavors, may want to increase the amount of scallions as well.

Play around with the amount of Sriracha in the sour cream and Sriracha sauce (a clever way to add a light color with the Sriracha flavor). I like no more than a 2 out of 5 on a heat scale so D is careful with how much she uses.

Using a store-bought bulgogi sauce and pre-pickled cucumbers, this flavorful quick recipe could be even quicker.


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