Smooth-As-Silk Honey Glazed Salmon!

D found this recipe and we positively loved it! https://www.thechunkychef.com/honey-garlic-glazed-salmon/ The sweet and spicy heat combination goes wonderfully with a perfectly cooked salmon. Can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

Scrumptious Sauce for enchiladas!

D found this recipe for a smoky enchilada sauce and it is out of this world! https://www.bowlofdelicious.com/chipotle-enchilada-sauce The flavors punch through J’s muted tastebuds with a smoky, tomatoey richness. D made the chicken enchiladas with flour and corn tortillas and we liked the corn best. Whichever you choose, we think you’ll love this recipe. Enjoy!

Super-Savory Spicy Burger!

D started with this recipe for lamb, switched the lamb for ground beef, and then amped up the spices. https://www.rosalynndaniels.com/how-to-make-kafta-kabobs-ground-lamb-kabobs/ Flavorful! The flavors burst through J’s dulled taste buds and D enjoyed it too! Here is the amped up recipe ingredients. Go to the link above and follow those Instructions but with these amounts. (For …

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Delicious Deli Hoagie!

This Deli Hoagie is an old favorite that D picked up from working in a NJ Deli. I (J) love the crunch and combo of flavors and it’s a pretty dish. People say the red wine vinegar and oregano make it great. (J can’t taste the oregano but I love the vinegar pop of flavor). …

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Yummy Yogurt-Marinated Pork Chops with White Wine-Shallot Sauce

The sauce in this recipe is the star! https://www.foodandwine.com/yogurt-marinated-pork-chops-7498771 The carmelized shallots reduced nicely in the white wine and butter sauce and the hint of mustard … oh my … hard to describe! The flavors came across medium-strong for J (tastebud-challenged) but full-flavored for D. The marinating of the pork chops in yogurt is supposed …

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Sunny Shrimp Ceviche!

This recipe is PACKED with vibrant flavors! We used it as-is and the color, crunch, zest, cilantro, make for a fantastic taste experience for someone who has dulled taste buds – or someone who doesn’t! If you have ingredients on-hand for guacamole, pick up some shrimp and jalepeno, and you can pivot to make this …

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Great Greek Meatballs with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce!

This recipe surprised us with the depth of flavors: https://www.southernliving.com/recipes/greek-meatballs-with-cucumber-yogurt-sauce-and-rice-recipe D followed the recipe but added garlic and added half lamb to the ground chuck. The combination of the feta meatballs with the mint-infused cucumber sauce, and the onion and cucumber pieces, nestled in the toasted pita pieces made for a delectable (great!) mouthful each …

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